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Amelia Island, Florida


Amelia Island, Florida

Amelia Island, Florida is today’s one of America’s few remaining unspoiled island paradises. It lies in the northernmost part of the chain of Atlantic coast barrier islands that stretch from North Carolina to the state of Florida. It has a very rich history, and is now widely acclaimed for its wonderful beaches, moss-covered oaks, fishing, boating, and stunning sunrise and sunsets, as well as friendly locals, making Amelia Island, Florida more than just a place to visit.

The Location

Amelia Island, Florida, as mentioned earlier, is the northernmost barrier island on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. It is on the way to a number of other enchanting destinations in the state, making the Amelia Island an ideal place for every Florida traveler, especially those who are traveling by car down Interstate 95, a mere 15 minutes west of the Island.

It is said that many frequent visitors, including the island settlers as well first discovered Amelia Island, Florida as a friendly, comfortable and entertaining way station on the way by car or boat to somewhere else. Aside from serving as a final vacation destination, it is nice to know that Amelia Island, Florida has long been considered as the perfect place for tranquil day or evening respite from the hustle and bustle of getting to another destination nearby, or getting home at the end of the vacation father to the south.

How to Reach Amelia Island

Vacationers can reach Amelia Island, Florida primarily by car. They can use the Exit 129, the Fernandina Beach or Callahan exit off Interstate 95. All vacationers need to do is to simply heed the signs east for 15 minutes or so to the widely known historic Fernandina Beach.

The Amelia Island, Florida can also be reached by air through the Jacksonville International Airport, which is just 30 minutes drive away from the Island proper. Note also that there are private, corporate and charter aircrafts out there that can utilize the facilities at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport. And, from and to the airport, rental cars are highly available for the vacationers.

The Weather

Since Amelia Island is located on the northern part of Florida, it’s no wonder that it is cooler in summer than further south. Many have also discovered that the island has cool sea breezes. It is long and narrow, with only two miles wide. It is important to note that on one side of the Amelia Island, Florida is thirteen miles of beaches, while the other side is identified by marsh wetlands.

Having such kind of condition, the months of April, May and June are the lovely months in Amelia Island, Florida. However, for those who come for golf, the area is best during cooler winter months. And, with temperatures from the 60’s, the visitors probably won’t swim in the ocean, though the hotels’ heated pools would still be fun.

Just like other destinations on earth, the Amelia Island, Florida is often visited by brief thunderstorms, which are so common, especially from late spring into autumn. The Amelia Island is lucky enough not to get hurricanes.

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