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Roll In The Benjamins Through Chronic Commissions


Roll In The Benjamins Through Chronic Commissions

Ask anybody—the Internet is probably the most important, most innovative development in technology to date. Since the creation of the World Wide Web, life as people know it has basically become easier, more manageable and hassle-free. Everything is faster and a lot less complicated, from communication to even maintaining a sustainable source of livelihood. With a mere click of a button and typing of keys, anyone with a slight knowledge in computer usage can make money in the blink of an eye, in literally thousands of ways. You can set your own online shop. You can get on Ebay and Amazon and make a killing buying and selling second-hand stuff. You can blog and advertise. You can subscribe to job websites and apply without having to be physically at the company’s office to submit your resume.

These things take time and effort, though. For those who have no patience for tedious Internet-related things, there’s an alternative—a self-generating online business that requires almost no effort at all! Chronic Commissions promises to make you stinking rich, and in only 5 mouse button clicks.

What Is Chronic Commissions?

Chronic Commissions is a revolutionary new web-based application that automatically builds you an email list. It then continuously uses that list to promote various products. Email marketing is such a huge thing right now, and almost everyone who is computer-capable has an e-mail address. Imagine all those people as your potential customers. Through this new software, you can reach out to your audience, automatically.

How It Works

Using the Chronic Commissions software is so easy, even those who are technologically challenged will have an easy time learning the process. All you really need to do is enter your auto responder information into the Chronic Commissions system where there are a lot of other professionals and companies that already have literally millions of email users subscribed to them. It is them that will be contacting their subscribers on your behalf, thereby turning them into your subscribers as well. They get something out of it, but more importantly, you get something out of it as well.

The Good And The Bad

The Chronic Commissions site tells you the stuff you don’t need to bother with (the hassles you get to avoid) in a bulleted list, making it seem like the easiest software in the world to use. It also compares its services to internet big wigs such as Facebook, Google, Groupon and Ebay and says that its 5 times as big (as Facebook), 10 times as responsive (as Google users), and 10 times more spend happy than Groupon and EBay combined, giving the reader the desire to at least see what the fuss is all about.

The only obvious downside to navigating through the website is the difficulty of finding what it is that you do need to bother with—the guy explaining what Chronic Commissions does takes a while to get to the point. It doesn’t have a summary right off the bat that explains what exactly it is he is selling, and for intelligent Internet users, this is a crucial thing to have on any product page. People want to know what it is they are paying for, and if it takes them too long to figure it out, they tend to move on and not bother with it.

Is Chronic Commissions For You?

If you’ve already dabbled in internet affiliate marketing before, if you value your time and would like to spend it on other more important things and have something automated that generates a steady cash flow, if you enjoy leading a laidback and easygoing lifestyle and would like to find an easy way to fund it, then Chronic Commissions is definitely something you might want to try. Email is known to be the biggest generator of Internet traffic today and a lot of people make millions of dollars everday through email marketing. Build your autopilot email list and purchase Chronic Commissions today!

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