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Rising Above the Matrix


Rising Above the Matrix

Today is the day and age of Internet marketing. Competition is intense and cutthroat, and thought it may seem easy, a lot of people are tapping out because they aren’t generating the kind of business they had once hoped their Internet venture would bring. In the Internet marketing world, it’s all about one thing: traffic. Without it, your blog or website will hardly be anything but a destination and a cost center on the net.

Fortunately, for those who aim to make it big on the Internet with blogs or business, or any other venture you may get into, there is a way to get your site optimized and at the top. This program is called Above the Matrix and it is your ticket to Internet marketing success.

What is Above the Matrix?

Above the Matrix is another brand new product from renowned Internet marketing team Traffic Mafia. They are the same guys who brought you the best selling Clickbank products such as Massive Passive Profits, Chronic Commissions, and Commission Crusher.

Above the Matrix is an Internet marketing program designed to improve and make the marketing process a whole simpler and more effective. This all in one software program helps you research keywords, build niche sites based on effective keywords, and build backlinks. All of these are designed to get your blog or website ranked at the top of search engine results and sales will be automatically generated because of all this traffic.

How Does Above the Matrix Work

In using the program, you start by typing in your preferred niche keyword. The program conducts research on finding out what is the most profitable keyword based on the word you typed in. From the results, you can start building a website that focuses on the Above the Matrix program’s suggestions. You can also go straight to WordPress, select a theme and install it in the server by entering a few server details.

Above the Matrix also optimizes your website by creating unique and highly effective content for you. This allows your site to be among the top search engine results, thereby increasing the possibility of traffic being driven to your site. Aside from this, you’ll see results from the backlinks that it is able to create for your site. With this feature, you can get several backlinks in a few minutes.

Pros and Cons

The great thing about this program is that undoubtedly, it works. It may sound simple, but website optimization is more difficult that what is being said about it. Above the Matrix is highly effective and you don’t have to think of practically anything – you just let the software do it all for you.

However, for the program, creating backlinks is only available if you are able to obtain the upsells of the particular product.


If you are looking for a way to get your Internet marketing venture up and running profitably, Above the Matrix is a great companion to be with. There are a lot of products out there all offering the same thing, but Above the Matrix is above all else. With its creators’ track record in Internet marketing success, you can be sure that Above the Matrix will deliver the same, if not more. If you are interested in the program, visit the Above the Matrix site today.

• 3,000 quality backlinks
• 1,000 hits to any website you choose
• $10,000 worth of free software
• Keyword research on your niche delivered straight to your email.


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