Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Gifts for the Manliest of Men This Valentine’s Day


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Gifts for the Manliest of Men This Valentine’s Day

Stuffed animals and mushy cards are fine on occasion. However, if you really want to wow your Valentine this year, give him something he can really use. Here are some eight gift ideas for your manly man.

1. Food – The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Your mother was right! Whether it is a gourmet meal, a steak on the grill or something as simple as a tray of homemade cookies, your Valentine will appreciate you preparing something special just for him.

2. An emergency kit – Fill a backpack with things your fellow could use when camping, or if he spends a lot of time driving. All items can be easily purchased online or from a sporting goods store. Things to add might include a heat sheet, bottled water, a fire starter tool, storm-proof matches, a Swiss army knife, first-aid kit, a warm but lightweight blanket, a weather-ready LED crank radio/flash light combo and a micro tent. Think small, lightweight, protective, informative, and functional. He will be moved that you care about his safety.

3. Technology – An iPhone, solar cell phone charger, mp3 player or whatever piece of tech-candy you choose, your special guy will love how you understand his geeky side.

4. Games – Video games are to a gamer what chocolate is to a woman. Surprise your guy with an assortment of video or PC games. Check out his collection to get tips on what he’s in to.

5. Auto accessories – From spill-proof travel mugs to custom-car floor mats, there is an array of accessories to choose from to accessorize your honey’s wheels. Your guy will love that you know just what he likes.

6. Books – As with the gamer, a book lover will be overjoyed to receive a really nice book. Check out his personal library for specific genres that he enjoys.

7. Music – If your guy is a music collector, surprise him with something for his collection. If he just has a love for music, buy him the latest CD released by his favorite artist.

8. Beer – If your Valentine is a beer geek, give him a subscription to a Beer of the Month Club. It’s nicer than presenting him with a 6-pack right out of the fridge. It shows that you put some thought in to selecting the right gift, and it (quite literally) is the gift that keeps on giving. If your guy prefers wine, there’s also a Wine of the Month Club.

Let the man in your life know how often he is thought of and how special he is. Give him something unique and ultra-masculine this Valentine’s Day.


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