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Bask in the Glorious Outdoors! Exercise Options That Make the Most of a Beautiful Summer!


Bask in the Glorious Outdoors! Exercise Options That Make the Most of a Beautiful Summer!

Despite always being accompanied by heat, the summer months are usually quite beautiful! And there’s really no better way for you to enjoy what summer has in store than to move your exercise routines outdoors. After spending several winter months cooped up inside your home, you can now enjoy what the outdoors has to offer.

So where do you start?

Try these exhilarating outdoor exercises:

1. Go cycling. Cycling around the block or in a nearby park is the perfect way to spend your summer mornings before work. Not only is cycling a rigorous, effective form of exercise, but it is also an activity that allows you to enjoy summer and feel inspired to keep doing it every morning.

* As you ride, you can feel the breeze gently caressing your face.
* You can take in the sights and sounds of your surroundings as you pass by.
* You’ll feel refreshed when you get back home, even though you’ve exerted a ton of energy!

2. Run on the beach. If you’re looking for an outdoors workout that combines effectiveness with scenery, then try running on the beach! It will provide all you’re looking for in an exercise option and more:

* Doing sprints up and down the sand really works those muscles and provides the resistance you need for an effective workout.

* The tranquility of the ocean takes your mind away so you don’t feel as worn out while you exercise.

* You can jump in the ocean to cool off after you’ve completed your workout.

3. Swim. Going swimming in your community pool is another great outdoor exercise option that makes the most of a beautiful summer. When the sun is high, this is perhaps the only outdoor exercise you can do without feeling dehydrated. The water is sure to keep you cool while you work those muscles!

* Remember to wear sun block, even on cloudy days.
* Do a few stretches before jumping in the pool so your muscles are warm enough to start.
* Combine speed laps with recovery laps so you can give your lungs and muscles a break from time to time.

4. Take a hike! If you really want to see the beauty of nature while exercising during the summer months, consider hiking on high hills. There are many advantages to choosing this form of exercise, including:

* The climate is cooler and enjoyable when you get to the top of the hiking trail.
* The views you’ll see from up high will definitely take your breath away!
* The achievement you’ll feel after completing the hike will be completely exhilarating.

It would be a complete shame to waste those beautiful summer days by working out on a treadmill or a stationary bike in your basement! Go out and capture the glory of the outdoors while you can. When winter rolls around again, you might not have the opportunity.

With these ideas for exercise, you have absolutely no excuse to stay indoors. And after the first day of outdoor summer exercise, you’ll be totally excited to do it again the following day – and every day after until the winter chill drives you reluctantly back indoors!

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