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Why Your Online Business Should Provide Gift Cards


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Why Your Online Business Should Provide Gift Cards

Selling gift cards can be a great way to increase your online business. This is especially true during the holiday seasons. If you have an effective gift card campaign running, you can really capitalize on the holiday seasons.

Here’s why just about every online business should consider selling gift cards.

Allow Your Fans to Spend More without Buyer’s Guilt

Buyers usually have a limit of how much money they’re willing to spend on themselves. It’s not a limit they consciously think of, but at some point they start to feel a little bit guilty.

Let’s say someone’s personal limit is $200 a month on products they like personally. They might feel guilty buying $200 or more of products they like, but they might very well be willing to toss in another $200-$300 for Christmas presents for friends.

That’s where you come in. You may already have that customer’s personal business. But by allowing him or her to take advantage of your gift cards program, you can ease their guilt over spending money by having them spend it on their friends instead.

Win a New Customer

Anytime someone buys a gift card, they’re by definition buying it for someone else.

That other person may not have ever heard of your business before. They might not have ever bought from your store if they hadn’t gotten this free gift card.

However, now that they got it they’re going to use it. And when they use it, you have a good chance of winning a new customer.

In other words, selling gift cards is like using the most effective “tell a friend” campaign in the world. You’ll have nearly a 100% uptake rate – after all, who isn’t going to use free money?

Reach a Completely Different Market

Let’s say you generally target women age 30 to 35. Men and people in other age demographics generally have never heard of your business. Since the market is completely unproven, you have no plans of advertising there either.

Gift cards can break all those barriers. Don’t underestimate the massive range of people your gift cards can end up being given to.

People buy gift cards for their clients. People buy them for their business associates and co-workers. They buy them for friends and they buy them for family. They even buy them for their kids.

Through gift cards, you can open up completely new markets.

These are some of the many benefits of selling gift cards. If you’re not utilizing gift cards in your business, you’re definitely leaving money on the table. The most important time to set up a gift card program is around the holiday seasons, when people are more likely to buy and give away gift cards.


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