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How to Become a Network Marketer


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How to Become a Network Marketer

There are many ways to succeed online as a business owner. There are also many business models to choose from. One such business model that many have found tremendous success with is called Network Marketing.

Network marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing, is a business model that rewards people based on the number of people that they recruit. As a network marketer you represent a company. You promote and sell their products and earn a commission on your sales. However, you also recruit other sales people to join the company. For each person you recruit you also earn a commission on the sales they make.

Network marketers sell anything from candles and jewelry to herbal supplements and cleaning products. It’s an industry that has a lot of controversy. However, it’s also an industry that can make a lot of money.

Step #1 Decide if You Have What It Takes to Succeed

Network marketing is selling. If you don’t enjoy sales or talking to people, then it’s not the right business for you. However, if you enjoy engaging people and talking about their life and their problems (and how your products can solve their problems), then you’ve found a calling.

You also want to be self-motivated. Network marketers are self-employed. There’s no boss hanging over your shoulder telling you to get to work. You have to tell yourself to get to work.

Step #2 Find A Company That Appeals to You

Because you’re going to be a sales person, it is vitally important that you like the products you’re selling and that you believe in them. Sure you can sell things you don’t believe in, but it’s easier to be successful if you do.

You’ll also want to make sure it is a company that has a good reputation both with customers and with sales people. The reason the industry has a bit of controversy is because a few bad apples get a lot of attention. There are many good and reputable network marketing companies.

Step #3 Find a Mentor

A mentor will help you skip all the beginner mistakes everyone else makes. You’ll be able to launch your career and your income much faster. A mentor may also have some insider secrets and tips that you can use right away. Finally, a mentor is good to help you get and stay motivated. If you don’t want to find a mentor, consider creating a team of other network marketers to meet and motivate each other on a regular basis.

Network marketing is a great business model for the self-motivated sales professional. You are able to make your own hours, work with a company you love and there’s no income ceiling or cap that you have to deal with. The sky is the limit. And that’s why so many people love network marketing.


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