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How to Make a Memorial Day/Patriotic Windsock


How to Make a Memorial Day/Patriotic Windsock

Each year people celebrate Memorial Day by decorating with patriotic decorations. Learn how to make a Memorial Day/patriotic windsock. You’ll then be ready to show your patriotism for Memorial Day or other holidays requiring patriotic decorations.

1. The easiest Memorial Day/patriotic windsock is made with a cardboard tube (an oatmeal box works well), white and blue construction paper, red and white crepe paper streamers, glue string, a pair of scissors and a hole punch. Here’s how to make it.

Have an adult cut the bottom out of the oatmeal box or find a large cardboard tube. Cover the tube with blue construction paper. This can be glued onto the carton or taped. Make stars from the white construction paper and glue those all over the blue-covered carton or tube.

Cut the white and red crepe paper streamers in two to three foot lengths. Glue or staple the streamers to one end of the tube to create the windsock. On the other end of the windsock, punch four holes along the edge. Cut two pieces of string about a foot long. Tie the pieces of string to the windsock and then tie a longer piece of string to the smaller pieces. Hang the windsock by this longer piece of string on your porch.

2. You can also make a windsock by making a tube out of blue construction paper. Tape, staple or glue the paper to create the tube. Using star-shaped sponges glued to film canisters, have the children dip each one in white paint and then place them on the blue paper. Staple red and white crepe paper streamers, in one to two foot lengths, onto one end of the construction paper. Punch holes in the other end to run yarn through to hang the windsock. Since the streamers may run if they get wet, you may want to hang your windsock somewhere it will be able to remain dry.

3. If you want to hang your windsock from your car’s antenna, you’ll want to have a windsock which won’t ruin in the weather. To make this type of windsock, you’ll want to find blue fabric which can be glued to the cylinder shape. Using white fabric paint, paint stars all over the blue fabric.

Make streamers from pieces of white and red nylon or another lightweight fabric. Staple the streamers to one end of the cylinder and punch holes for the yarn on the other. Attach the yarn to hang the windsock and hang it from your car or another location. Since the windsock is made with fabric, you shouldn’t need to worry about it getting wet and running.

These are three different ways to make a Memorial Day/patriotic windsock. You can choose the one which best suits your family’s needs. As time passes, you may want to try making the other two versions so you’ll have the windsock ready when the holiday arrives.


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