Saturday, April 20th, 2019

Ancient Methods of Self-Help Still in Practice Today You might be surprised to learn that most of the modern self-help ideas that we practice today really aren’t new ideas at all. Every modern book that you’ve read on self-help, including “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, came from ideas from the […]

How Self-Help Actually Helps Those around You You’ve heard the saying that you can’t help anyone until you help yourself first. And, that no one can change unless they are willing to and want to. If you have determined that there are things about yourself that you would like to improve, self-help might be just […]

How Self-Help Boosts the Health of Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Do you remember Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live? He was a character that took the idea of self-help and made fun of it. Stuart would look in the mirror and tell himself he was special and smart and do other daily affirmations. A […]

Self-Help for Dealing with Stress Stress invades people’s lives all the time, even daily for some. Life gets hard and it’s difficult to juggle all the things life throws at us. It’s important that we get our stress levels under control because frequent elevated levels of stress are toxic to the human body and can […]

3 Keys To Creating Spiritual Growth

The success of such films as “Eat, Pray, and Love” reveal that we are more in touch with our spirituality, than we are often prepared to admit to ourselves. Increasing numbers of people are deciding to take a path of spiritual discovery, exploring a side of our humanity that for many of us we have not thought much about. Yet when we do decide to accept that we are not just a physical body, we may choose to go on a path of spiritual self-discovery. Here are the three keys to creating spiritual growth that will guide that journey.

Factors Necessary For Personal Enlightenment

The concept of ‘to enlighten’ is very similar to the thought of ‘turning the light on’. When we think of personal enlightenment, it is easy to think of it as a ‘turning the light on inside me’. It is about getting to know myself. There are five factors necessary for this personal enlightenment. Learning these factors will change our own lives and the lives of those around us.

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Self

How often have you heard the old saying “I’m too busy to think?” All too often, this is true for most of us. Someone has said if we are “too busy to think, we are just too busy.” Very few of us spend time getting in touch with our inner self and this is to our detriment. It is only as we go on a journey of self-discovery that we can make sense of who we are, and why we are here.