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Top Tips for Creating a Top-Notch Sales Page


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Top Tips for Creating a Top-Notch Sales Page

Writing your own sales pages? Great! No one knows your product, service or audience better than you. And writing a top-notch sales page is really a matter of knowing a few basics and being willing to test and track your results. Once you know the top tips, the rest will come naturally with a little time and elbow grease.

#1 What’s the Problem?

Always strive to answer this question first. What is the problem your prospect is facing? What is their pain? What are they experiencing and how is it making them feel?

For example, if you offer a ghost writing service, then your prospect may be feeling the pains of not enough time to get all their writing done. If you are selling a book on how to find the best coffee maker, then the problem your prospect may have is that their coffee pot keeps breaking or makes terrible coffee.

The problem that your prospect is feeling or trying to overcome will be identified very early on your sales page. In fact, it is often stated right in the headline. For example, “Tired of Replacing that Cheap Coffee Pot?”

#2 Incite Emotion

People buy for emotional reasons. They justify their purchase with logic. SO that means you want to first appeal to their emotions. You want your prospect to make the decision to buy right away. Then you can spend some time justifying their decision with facts, testimonials and other tactics. Use emotional words in your headline, subheadings and throughout your copy. In the example used above, “Tired” is an emotional word. It describes how your prospect is feeling.

#3 A Call to Action above the Fold

Often, a person will visit your sales page and make an instant decision based on reading your headline and a quick glance of their screen. They may not ever scroll down. Take advantage of these quick decision makers, and support them, by providing a call to action above the fold. The fold is the point at which your visitor has to start scrolling down to see the rest of your page. It’s the bottom of their computer screen.

#4 Use Formatting Wisely

Have you ever visited a sales page where everything is bolded or in all caps? It makes it very difficult to know what you’re supposed to pay attention to. The result? You don’t pay attention to anything.

First and foremost, make sure your headlines and subheadings stand out. Use bold fonts, larger fonts and you might want to try a different color. Make sure your page is easy to read with plenty of white space between sentences and paragraphs. And simply highlight, bold, or underline those keywords that draw the eye down toward your call to action. These will be words or phrases that promise or stress a benefit to your prospect.

#5 Call to Action

Test and track your call to action. Try various phrasing to see which works best. For example, does a call to action with a post script, PS, work better for conversions? Does your audience prefer a button to click or a link?

When it comes to writing top-notch sales copy, remember that we buy for emotional reasons and justify our purchases based on logic. Hook your prospect by calling out their problem, promising a solution and then showing them why and how your solution works.


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