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Advertising on the Cheap – How to Market Your Business for Less


Advertising on the Cheap – How to Market Your Business for Less

Marketing your business doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are many low-cost marketing tactics you can use that’ll bring customers flocking to your door. Here are some of these time-tested methods.

Postcards in Local Businesses

If you own a carwash, why not put a 50% off flyer in all the small businesses in the area? Hairdressers, restaurants, laundromats, etc. would all love to save their customers some money.

If you have a good value proposition for their customers, most businesses won’t turn away a good deal.

In fact, often times if you just walk in and ask if you can leave a few free coupons as a gift for their customers, they’ll just let you leave it there. No questions asked.

Pizza Box Advertising

Another very cheap way of marketing is to market on pizza boxes. You can offer to pay for part of the boxes, maybe 50% of the pizzeria’s boxes, in exchange for a message on top of the box.

Make sure you’re approaching local pizzerias and not national chains. No Pizza Hut and no Dominos, as their pizza boxes are all regulated.

This kind of marketing will get you very targeted and local exposure.

Flyering Cars in the Area

Every day, flyer all the cars in your area with a special offer. By flyering these cars, you’re getting exposure to people who you know are in your area.

Better yet, you’ll get access to people working in the area. If you marketed to people near your business, you may not necessarily reach the people who spend their daytime there. By flyering their cars, however, you’ll get that exposure.

Door Hangers in a Half to One Mile Radius

Printing door hangers is relatively inexpensive. All you need to do is print a whole bunch, then drive door to door and hang them from doors. You can also hire someone you trust to do it for you.

Make sure to just flyer a half mile to one mile radius. Yes, you could flyer further, but at that point your return on time spent starts to go down drastically.

Try Remnant Advertising

Finally, if you could get traditional ads at 25% off the price, would you give it a shot? If so, try talking to local newspapers about remnant advertising.

Remnant ad space is the ad space that a newspaper has left over after they’ve tried but failed to sell all their ad space. Naturally, as they get close to printing time, they’re going to want to fill that space with anything they can, even at a vast discount.

Call up the local ad seller for your local papers and let them know you’re interested in remnant space. Call up every couple weeks and remind them you’re interested. That way, anytime they have leftover ad space, they’ll give you a call.

There are many low-cost ways you can market your business. Lack of advertising dollars shouldn’t stop you from getting your business out to market.


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