Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Photo restoration services


(1) For effective recovery of images for online use or print, we offer:

Despeckling, Denoising, Grain, noise or dirt
Sizing, cropping, Redeye corrections
Shiny complexion, improve skin tone as preferred, Finish it real,
Brightness and contrast, Fine adjustments for color cast and skin tone

Excessive shadows, Stray hair, Fixing clothing wrinkles or flaws
Removing blemishes, dirt, Adjust shadows, Reduce shakes

Air Brushing, Digital facelifts, Hollywood Glamorization

Permanent wrinkles, acne, blemishes
Altering facial features, Whiteness, perfection of teeth
Body build or shape – fill in, thin out

(2) For creative improvement of images for online or for great print results, we offer:

Improvement and production of your images for Personalized gifts & puzzles, mugs, t-shirts, Personalized calendars and cards, Personalized home d

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