Monday, December 16th, 2019

IRS Announces Tax Credits For Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is the vehicle that started the entire hybrid vehicle craze. It continues to dominate the market and the IRS has announced the tax credits for this year.

IRS Announces Tax Credits For Toyota Prius

Organization Helps Change The World With Coffee

You can make a difference in the world every day, simply by purchasing coffee.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters of Vermont is introducing Heifer Hope Blend, a new organic coffee whose sales will help improve the lives o&#10

How Wealth Tax Is Better Than Income Tax

Wealth Tax

Do you want to move money from the wealthy to the poor? Well, tax wealth.

Wealth tax causes far less market distortion, and hence, much fairer than income tax. Wealth tax hurt prod

Making A Great Cup Of Coffee

Today, I will propose to you how to make a great cup of coffee. You can do it. There are a few secrets to the process. I will share these with you.

Start wit&

How to minimize your taxes on wealth

Taxes on wealth or simply wealth tax is the tax levied on the value of wealth owned by a person. As the term ‘wealth’ carries with it a broader meaning, generally capital transfer taxes (which include inh

Making A Good Espresso

Drinking espresso has become a way of life for most people, particularly those who have heavy schedules and who take time out to relax with a cup of freshly brewed espresso or coffee.

Coffee is so popu

How To Keep The IRS Off Your Back And Out Of Your Life In 2006

Sorry to crash your party, but as we bring in the New Year, it’s also time to bring in a New Tax Season. As a small business owner or self-employed person, one of the e